En résidence du 6 novembre au 3 décembre 2023 – En partenariat avec l’institut français d’Italie dans le cadre du Nouveau Grand Tour, programme de résidences artistiques pour jeunes artistes européens.


© Rachele Montoro


Barb Bordoni

A heterogeneous training in art and performance (Brera Academy, Iuav of Venice) and knowledge of numerous international authors, They flanks a political self-education that draws on materialist feminist ethics and libertarian thought, in part through frequenting militant ecotransfeminist movements. They is co-founder of the collective call monica, which concerned with deconstructing the male gaze and the power dynamics over bodies starting from the crossing of public space (Santarcangelo festival, Swiss Institute), and co_author of Jungle, winner of Cross Project 2023, a project that develope landscape crossing practices to re-think the ‘performative’ as a daily life intimacy experience. As an independent researcher, They deals with art, ethics and territory: They is cofounder of the collective Llaika, a nomadic observatory of Italian independent culture networks and their interdipencence and mutualism relations. Since 2019 they has been actively working in the Italian art scene as an artist, performer and author, particularly in decentralised and atypical contexts that experience marginality as a place of resistance and production of knowledge.



© Marco Reghelin



Currently, their research winds between mindwandering processes and participatory formats. Their artistic approach is affective and unfaithful, transgressing technique by privileging the mix of experiences given by proximity, intimacy and direct contact with the surroundings. Through a transversal reflection on artistic practice as a field of ethical rather than aesthetic work, L’Erbavoglio performative research project, in residence at Là Métive, focuses primarily on the activation of radical imaginaries and new postures of listening and closeness between bodies. Fusing drawing, somatic and psychogeographic practices with influences from Butoh dance, They is experimenting with the emergence of erotic and synaesthetic landscapes, stimulating the neural link between touch and imagination.



© Romane Bourgeois