La Métive is a place of residency for multidisciplinary art creation, implanted in Moutier-d’Ahun, Creuse, New Aquitaine. It hosts all year long artists from all around the world, in its premises made for them to develop their work in process. La Métive has for purpose to be a social link and to do cultural actions on the rural territory where it is implanted. It promotes dialogue between residents and inhabitants about modern art thanks to knowledges and the encounter of different universe. La Métive is a team which invites and guide the artists. It encourages their meetings, give them tools to create their projects and escort them during its development.

La Métive est une association ouverte à laquelle tout le monde peut adhérer pour en défendre les objectifs.

Bureau de l’association
Les membres du bureau assurent le bon développement de l’association.

  • Philippe Fourchon, président, directeur adjoint de la Ferme du Buisson, scène nationale de Marne-La-Vallée.
  • Monique Halpern, vice-présidente, enseignante retraitée.
  • Céline Fouchet, secrétaire, coordinatrice départementale pour l’IREPS.
  • Nicolas Leroux, trésorier, agriculteur

L’équipe gère et anime au jour le jour les activités de l’association

  • Christophe Givois, directeur artistique
  • Charlotte Auché, administratrice
  • Leslie Chevillion, chargée de médiation et communication
  • Loup Renaudineau, chargé de mission (service civique)
  • Steven Billoudet, chargé de mission (service civique)

Collège de programmation
Le collège de programmation choisit et accompagne les projets artistiques invités en résidence.

  • Julien Chollat-Namy, correspondant cinéma
  • Armelle Dumoulin, correspondante musique
  • Christophe Givois, correspondant théâtre
  • Camille Hervouet, correspondante photographie
  • Raïssa Kim, correspondante danse
  • Perrine Mornay, correspondante arts plastiques
  • Michel Ozeray, correspondant théâtre d’objets, marionnette contemporaine

Because Art is the most successful achievement for the human being, with his mind, his body and intelligence ; Because spreading a territory using the best of man is a beautiful project and a necessity, even a duty ; Because nowadays artistic forms cross all subjects, which became porous and numerous ; Because art creation needs exchanges and withdrawal, discretion and sharing, and because the « creusois » territory, in its very essence, opened on the world and attached to its own identity, offers and asks for possibilities ; Because Creuse, is dealing with social changes while keeping its rural character, is the perfect territory for wakening artistic work ; For all these reasons, la Métive needs to be seen as a friendly and ambitious place which promotes creation and shares ideas, a crossing or permanent point opened to artists from all around the world and the territory’s public.
Christophe Givois La Métive’s co-founder with Karine Halpern.